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FEATURES: Metric version of our popular DG bushings, designed for cast-in-place or potted installation. Diamond-knurled OD provides excellent holding strength against both rotational and axial forces. Since the bushing's OD is not ground, the ID must be accurately located during casting or potting to ensure accuracy in the finished tool.

STANDARD SIZES: see Dimensions page for part numbers and standard ID drill sizes. The prices shown apply to standard bushings only, with any standard metric ID size within the stated range.
 DGM-8-12-4.50   Standard bushing,
4.50mm ID

 From .35 to 3mm     +.002/+.008mm
 Over 3 to 6mm     +.004/+.012mm
 Over 6 to 10mm     +.005/+.014mm
 Over 10 to 18mm     +.006/+.017mm
 Over 18 to 19mm     +.007/+.020mm

REAMER ID TOLERANCE (F6): Reamer bushings have a different tolerance range than drill bushings:
 From 1 to 3mm     +.006/+.012mm
 Over 3 to 6mm     +.010/+.018mm
 Over 6 to 10mm     +.013/+.022mm
 Over 10 to 18mm     +.016/+.027mm
 Over 18 to 19mm     +.020/+.033mm
To order bushings with a reamer tolerance, add "-REAMER" to the part number:
 DGM-8-12-4.50-REAMER (Special)

MATERIAL: 1144 Stressproof steel, heat treated to achieve Rc 62-64 ID hardness. Other materials readily available by special order (see Specials). DFARS and RoHS compliant.