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Single End GO

Single End NO-GO

Double End
(Green and Red)

FEATURES: These single-end and double-end handles securely hold either Plug Gages or Step Plug Gages. Color-coded screw-on ends identify GO and NO-GO gages (the red NO-GO end also has an identification groove). Gage pin extension can be set at any length. All handles have a .129"-diameter cable hole for permanently attaching the handle to an inspection fixture. Made in USA.

COLLET BUSHINGS: One Collet Bushing is required for each gage pin (order separately). These bushings each cover a range of several gage-pin sizes. Collet Bushings firmly hold gage pins against rotational and lateral forces when the ends are tightened.

SIZES: Gage Handles are available in eight sizes, to fit gage pins from .061 to 1.010". See Dimensions page to select the proper handle and Collet Bushing for a given gage-pin size.

MATERIAL: Gage Handles > Aluminum, anodized. Collet Bushings > Brass or aluminum. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

Collet Bushing